Clean Freight Consultants

The Process

Get Funding for:



Upgrade your fleet with side skirts, boat tails, Under Fairing, Gap Reducers & Splash Guards. Our Fleet Energy Assessment will qualify you for up to $250,000 in savings.



Upgrade your fleet with cab heaters, cab coolers, coolant heaters - the Green Freight Progam covers 50% of the spend up to $250,000.



The program covers 50% auxillary power retrofits & low rolling resistant tires to reduce fuel costs. The Green Freight Progam covers 50% of the spend up to $250,000.

Six Steps to get Funding

Follow Five Simple Easy Step

Our term sheet is no-nonsense, confidential and lays out the terms of conducting the Fleet Energy Assessment

⦁ Provide details on fleet over the course of a year (ideally broken down monthly):
⦁ Distance Travelled (km),
⦁ Fuel consumed.
⦁ Idling time vs. run time.
⦁ Discuss any current fuel saving initiatives.

Clean Freight Consultants analyses the data and provides equipment recommendations for the Natural Resources Canada Green Freight Application
You provide:
⦁ Documentation regarding the legal status of the organization
⦁ Proof of vehicle registration;
⦁ Proof of insurance;
⦁ Signed copy of Fleet Energy Assessment;
⦁ Description of activities/investments that were undertaken;
⦁ Project timelines;
⦁ Proof of vehicle registration;
⦁ Proof of insurance;
⦁ Invoices and proof of payment;
⦁ Proof of other government funding or private funding (if applicable); and
⦁ Signed letter of the company responsible for installation confirming completion and payment of the project.
⦁ Evidence of private co-funding (if applicable)
⦁ Evidence of other government funding (if applicable)
⦁ Vendor quotes for installation (fleet retrofits only)

After the assessment, it is up to you to organize the retrofit on your fleet, or wait and submit the application to get the rebate on the assessment,

You can always do the retrofits later. There is a risk that the funding will not be available in the current fiscal year. The grant has specific money every year until 2027, you can always apply after April 1 in each year.

Clean Freight Consultants verifies all documentation and provides final documentation for submission

NRCan send a grant agreement and payment for 50% up to $250,000 after the Fleet Energy Assessment is complete.

    Request a Quote to save up to $250,000 worth of equipment to save on diesel.