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Clean Freight Consultants, experts at negotiating the Green Freight Program
Green Freight Program

Maximizing Savings with Clean Freight Consultants: Your Guide Through the 2024 Green Freight Program Updates

Your Path to Sustainable Success
As the trucking industry stands on the brink of a green revolution, the expertise of Clean Freight Consultants becomes your most valuable asset. We are committed to guiding you through the 2024 Green Freight Program updates, ensuring your fleet is not just compliant, but also competitively advantaged and environmentally responsible.

Green Freight Program
Green Freight Program

Qualifying for the Green Freight Program: Your FAQs Answered

The Green Freight Program, offered by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), is a fantastic opportunity for trucking companies to make their operations more eco-friendly while also benefiting from financial incentives. However, navigating the program and understanding the qualification process can be daunting.
Grants For Trucking Companies

Video: What Auxiliary Power Units (APU) Can Do For Your Fleet

One solution that’s gaining traction in the industry is the use of Auxiliary Power Units (APUs). These compact systems provide a range of benefits that not only enhance the efficiency of truck operations but also contribute to a more comfortable and environmentally friendly trucking experience.

Don’t let unnecessary expenses drain your profits.

Side Skirt Boat Tails Green Freight Program
Green Freight Program

Video: How to Qualify for the Green Freight Program

This video explains how Clean Freight Consultants provide a third-party fleet energy assessment to qualify for trucking companies to qualify for the $250,000 in green freight rebates provided by the Canadian Federal government for retrofitting a trucking company’s fleet with fuel saving devices, such as aerodynamic & anti-idling equipment.

Clean Freight Consultants can help you save money.
Grants For Trucking Companies

Is Your Fleet Getting 8 miles / gallon, What To Do If Not.

There is $250,000 in green freight grant available from Natural Resources Canada, to qualify for the funding your company will need a third-party Fleet Energy Assessment, Clean Freight Consultants can provide this for you, contact us to find out more. Or to see what qualifies checkout

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