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Leveraging Stream 2 of the Green Freight Program: Opportunities for Trucking Companies

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In late August 2023, the Natural Resources Canada discreetly rolled out Stream 2 of the Green Freight Program, creating ripples of excitement among environmentally conscious trucking companies. This soft launch, announced on a quiet Friday afternoon in late summer, may have gone under the radar for some, but the potential it holds for the trucking industry is nothing short of revolutionary.

So, what exactly can Stream 2 of the Green Freight Program do for trucking companies? Let’s delve into the details and explore the opportunities it presents.

One of the most enticing aspects of Stream 2 is the substantial financial support it offers. With a grant cap of $5 million, it can cover half the cost of a $10 million project. This significant injection of funds can make green initiatives not only feasible but also financially attractive.

Repowering and Replacing Diesel Engines

Stream 2 offers trucking companies the flexibility to choose between repowering existing engines or replacing diesel engines altogether. While the terms “repowering” and “replacement” may seem vague, they open the door to a range of possibilities. For instance, trucking companies can opt for dual fuel conversion kits, which are fully eligible under this stream. These conversion kits come in two flavors: Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and hydrogen. While hydrogen fuel availability might not be widespread just yet, Stream 2 projects can span several years, and there are plans for more hydrogen fueling stations.

It’s worth noting that precise data on hydrogen pricing is currently unavailable, but the potential for clean and efficient hydrogen-powered transportation is promising. In fact, vehicles like the Hyzon truck, which integrates an electric motor with hydrogen fuel cell technology, fall under the umbrella of “repowering” as per the program’s definition.

Embracing Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Stream 2 encourages trucking companies to explore alternative fuel vehicles, with a target of achieving 40% renewable or non-fossil fuel usage. The grant covers the incremental cost over and above that of a standard Class 8 vehicle. This means that transitioning to cleaner, more sustainable fuel options becomes a financially viable option.

Navigating the Grant Process

While the opportunities presented by Stream 2 are undoubtedly exciting, the application process can be daunting. This is where organizations like Clean Freight Consultants come into play. They can guide trucking companies through the grant application process, ensuring that every opportunity for financial support is leveraged to the fullest.

However, it’s essential to act swiftly. The application deadline for Stream 2 grants is November 16, 2023 and the clock is ticking.

In conclusion, Stream 2 of the Green Freight Program holds tremendous potential for trucking companies. It offers a clear path toward reducing emissions, saving on fuel costs, and contributing to a greener future. With the support of organizations like Clean Freight Consultants, trucking companies can navigate the grant application process and seize this unique opportunity to make their fleets more environmentally friendly and financially sustainable. The clock is ticking, so it’s time to act and embrace the future of green freight.

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