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Is Your Fleet Getting 8 miles / gallon, What To Do If Not.

Clean Freight Consultants Can Help You Save Money.

There is $250,000 in green freight grant available from Natural Resources Canada, to qualify for the funding your company will need a third-party Fleet Energy Assessment, Clean Freight Consultants can provide this for you, contact us to find out more. Or to see what qualifies checkout

In the dynamic world of trucking, where fuel efficiency is paramount, retrofitting your existing fleet with fuel-saving equipment emerges as a wise strategic move. This blog post will delve into the compelling advantages of this decision, highlighting key factors such as initial investment, return on investment (ROI), cost versus benefit analysis, and the possibility of grant funding. If your semi fleet isn’t consistently achieving 8 miles per gallon, you’ll discover why investing in retrofitting is an imperative choice for your trucking business.

If your fleet idles off the main engine for more than 12% of the time, it costs $100,000 in fuel on a fleet of 20 trucks per year. Using APU’s or cab heaters & coolers can eliminate engine idling and pay for itself in less than 1.5 years if you take advantage of the Green Freight grants, Clean Freight Consultants conduct the fleets assessments to qualify for the federal grant monies. Here are some of the benefits to think about when considering investing in your current fleet to save fuel:

Significant Fuel Savings: The foremost benefit of retrofitting your trucking fleet with fuel-saving equipment is the potential for remarkable fuel cost reductions. Technologies such as advanced aerodynamics, fuel-efficient tires, and engine enhancements can substantially enhance fuel efficiency, enabling you to achieve significant operational cost reductions.

Eco-Friendly Operations: As the world places greater emphasis on sustainability, retrofitting your fleet becomes a powerful statement of your commitment to environmental responsibility. By reducing greenhouse gas emissions, you not only reduce your carbon footprint but also align your business with the growing demand for eco-conscious transportation solutions.

Competitive Advantage: Companies that invest in fuel-saving equipment gain a clear edge in the market. The ability to offer competitive pricing, thanks to reduced operating costs, can help attract more customers and expand your market share.

Long-Term Profitability: While the initial investment may seem substantial, the long-term financial benefits are undeniable. As fuel prices continue to rise, your retrofitting investment continues to pay off, with a robust ROI that can positively impact your bottom line.

Access to Grant Funding: Depending on your location and your fleet’s environmental impact, you may be eligible for various grants or incentives that promote the adoption of green technologies. These funds can significantly offset your retrofitting costs, making it a financially sound decision. Contact Clean Freight Consultants to find out how to take advantage of the grants available for retrofitting your fleet.

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